About – Toks Macaulay

This is the about me, Toks Macaulay.

My stats:

From Britain

• Full name: Toks Macaulay
• Birth place: Watford
• Family: three children; Michael-26 Vanessa-24 Mathew-18
• Marriage status: strong independent woman seeking a hunky gent
• Favourite food: yam
• Cheat meal: doesn’t exist
• Favourite actor/actress: Kevin Hart
• Perfect location: America, bodybuilding curl,toks,about,bodybuilding
• Hobby: yoga
• Long term goal: opening a facility that allows people to learn the importance of nutrition relating to the mental and physical body. Teaching people how to eat for their body and goals.
• News: currently working on a way to vlog nutrition and training Q&As
• Working on now: off season; increasing muscle mass, improving muscle definition tone and shape.
• Coming up next: NAC Manchester Qualifier for Germany. NAC bodybuilding in America; Washington DC, New York, Texas, Tennessee
• From the beginning:
Worked 5-6 years as a bank manager, never really had much time for the gym. I never even thought of body building let alone being able to get my body to such levels. In my last year of working the interest grew and I did my gym and spin qualification.
I decided to quit work and got addicted to the fit feeling. So proceeded to do more courses in fitness. It all started when a lady called Becky Wright fitness inspired me (bikini model) I did a year online training with her, once I had completed it I stripped all my fat and started doing serious weight training, this was beginning of great things. I then decided to compete, I did 4-5 UK BFF physique competitions, unfortunately my body was just not what they were looking for (too much muscle!) I then went to NAC for body building and finally realised the level of appreciation of it all, qualified for Germany but sadly was unwell for the competition. I will be back again qualifying for Germany.

My Stats